At home in the Algarve

At home in the AlgarveEllen van Herk
ISBN: 978-94-6449-806-6 (€ 19,95)
ISBN E-BOEK: 978-94-6449-807-3 (€ 9,95)
Verschijnt tevens als luisterboek

After her mother's death, Tessa, a Dutch woman, discovers that her father is a Portuguese. Impulsively, she travels to the Algarve to find him. She meets Viv, an English woman living on her father Jorge's estate. However, the marvellous Quinta Esteves in the village of Fábrica is less beautiful than it seems. Soon it turns out that behind the attractive front many family secrets are hidden. Meanwhile, something special develops between Tessa and the eldest son, but what if she says that she is family?

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